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Wooden house is a healthy climate, natural beauty and comfort
Today a wooden house connected charming of natural beauty, and incarnated in itself dream about the real house. An ecological wooden house for the permanent dwelling became the important element of modern culture of many countries, so as a comfort, is what everybody wants.
Offer to you making of wooden houses for the permanent dwelling and seasonal use: cottages, bath-houses, arbours, hunting-boxes.
We make the cylindrical squared beam with a half-round slot with diameter from 160 to 280 mm. Any of our projects we can change taking into account Your wishes, that to incarnate Your dream personally.
Professionalism of our specialists allows to connect Your wishes with the most modern technical decisions in finishing and communication.
The presence of own production base allows to decrease a building

Apply, we will incarnate Your dreams in reality. We are waiting for you!



Advantages of building of wooden house:


1. A beautiful, light tree positively influences on a mood.

2. Wooden house, wooden cottage, wooden bath-house (from the squared beam, to the frame, cylindrical squared beam) - always have clean air; humidity in a structure is supported at optimum level, regardless of external terms, that provides the comfort of dwelling.

3. A low heat-conducting is an indisputable plus of tree. Than less than heat-conducting of material which the built house is from, that he is warmer. Advantage of the wooden squared beam above a brick on thermo-insulation properties obvious -wall from the cylindrical squared beam 100 mm equivalents the thickness of brick wall 510 mm (two bricks). In addition, wooden walls maintain the boundless number of cycles of freezing - unfreezing, and that is why the term of service of house from a tree can exceed 100 years.


4. In the walls of wooden houses, wooden arbours, wooden bath-houses, from to the cylindrical squared beam which we apply at building of our buildings, there are resins and fitoncidy, which give the favourable operating on people which live in them.

5. A presence of thermal lock is in the walls of wooden houses, made from allows not to do the additional warming of wooden house the cylindrical squared beam, as a coefficient of blowing out will always be in once or twice more low, than at the walls of houses from a brick.


6. Minimum terms of collection of structure (wooden house, wooden bath-house, wooden arbour and wooden arbour) - the prepared complete set of collapsible house is a designer from which in the counted weeks it is possible easily to collect a wooden house.

7. Wooden houses are very proof to the earthquakes and hurricanes. Fire safety can be well-to-do harmless by fireproof impregnations.


8. Wood also is such build material which does not contaminate an environment and does not interfere with nature to brush up. Therefore wooden house, wooden bath-house, cottage, an arbour is ecologically a clean structure.

9. Wood is able to breathe, and this property allows it to support an optimum temperature and level of humidity of air. A thermal stream from an apartment is sent outside and passes through a log. Thus, in the process of his cooling to the external layers of log, a pair and carbon dioxide is sent athwart the annual rings of logs. In a result, moisture and harmful matters will nurse logs from butt ends, a wall does not accumulate moisture. Exactly due to such property, in houses from a frame permanent oxygen balance and optimum humidity of air is supported.


10. Wooden bath-houses, made from a pine-tree, saunas, treated an alder or lipa, own the special spirit and healthful action. Resin-bitterish a spirit takes off tension rejuvenates and tones up a skin, promotes immunity, instrumental in rapid renewal of health after a labour week, going in for sports, illness and stresses.




Another factor for a choice exactly of wooden house is a consumption of energy for heating of house



Brick house

House from a tree 200 mm

Temperature in an apartment, hail of Celcius



Coefficient of heat-conducting, watt/m kv Kkal



Necessary power for a house by volume of a 600 m cube during an hour

600 a m is a cube of kh 65 vt/a m is a cube of kh 1 time =0.065 Dzh

600 a m is a cube of kh 20 vt/a m is a cube of kh 1 time =0.043 Dzh



Coming from the resulted arguments, it is possible to generalize, that:

A house from a tree is a healthy climate in an apartment, natural beauty and comfort. Minimum defervescence, Fire safety centenary term of exploitation, and main is a health Your, your children.



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